Gratuitous nudity

Went out with my chum Melanie to see Swimming Pool, an Anglo-French movie starring Charlotte Rampling (former wife of Jean Michel Jarre). She played an extremely repressed and frumpy middle-aged crime novelist staying in her publisher’s holiday home in France. Her repressed desires are brought into sharper relief by the unannounced arrival of the publisher’s daughter, the nymphomaniac teenager Julie (Ludvine Sangier who was alos in 8 Women), who spends much of her time naked. French film makers have a very different attitude to nudity than the repressed Puritans of Britain or the US. God, I love French cinema! An unusual movie, quite funny in places (the thought of former sex-symbol Rampling, who once famously starred as a romantic lead with a chimp in Max, mon Amour, was funny in itself). Unusual ending which I won’t spoil but will say it makes you revise the first ¾ of the movie.