Bright Spark

During the recent enormous power outage that spread across a huge area of North America, from Toronto to Detroit my chums the Higleys in Michigan were victims of the brownout, caused by deregulation of the power industry (deregulation fucking up an industry, how unusual). Some folk are better prepared than others and my mate Lin is a cutting edge chemist and a strong advocate of alternative power sources. So it is with some smugness I report that he informs me his solar powered lamp produced so much light for the Higley manor that his neighbours thought he had somehow regained power. As Lin pointed out to me, if they fitted small 5Kw wind-driven generators to most of the pylons in the US they could boost power by around 50% – all pretty much free in terms of cost and pollution. Not much hope of that with Bush in the White House, sucking Satan’s cock for the black oily jism, but at least folk like Lin are trying to get alternate energy on the agenda.