Film Festival moves

The Edinburgh International Film Festival – an annual fixture for me – is moving after decades and next year will move to June instead of during the Festival period in August. According to their site this is to give them a better chance to attract more film biz folks rather than competing against some other major international film festivals and make it more accessible being outside the madhouse of Festival time. Which may be the case, but dammit, I’m really pissed off about the move – I often take time off to do the Film Festival here in Edinburgh and while I’m off in August I can also do some Fringe, Book Festival etc. Now I am going to have to pick which I want to take my time off for and I suspect I won’t be the only person who likes to do them all – whichever I pick I’m going to miss on the other. Damn, damn, dammit. I wonder if the attendance will go up as people from outside the city come just for the Film Fest or if it will go down because they were also drawn by the world’s largest arts festival?