Say ‘Cheese’!

Dammit, the very cool Gentlemen’s Duel animation I mentioned the other day has been pulled – I heard from a friend that the studio hadn’t okayed the web release, so that was probably why it had been removed. Which is a shame because it seemed to be getting some great word of mouth which would suggest to me they should consider sticking it back up in one form or another since it was doing their studio’s rep no end of good.

However, since that one is gone, here is another cool animation I came across this week via Steve Ogden’s rather fine AnimWatch site: “Cheese” by Slovakian animator Peter Harkaly, a graduate of the Vancouver Film School. I love the old 40s style story of the mouse and the spring trap and the cheese – even the music adds to that classic feel. Six months of work according to AnimWatch (one of the especially nice things about the site is that Steve doesn’t just post the animation, he posts a bit on the artist and work as well, it’s a great site) and I like the fact that Peter chose to ignore his mentor’s advice and render fur for his mouse – not easy even when you have a full animation studio working on it, so pretty brave of him to do. It’s only a couple of minutes, but very funny and nicely done.