Coffee and Comics

We must be gluttons for punishment, but a couple of us from the Edinburgh SF Book Group (not only still going but flourishing with new members long after it and I were kicked out of the old Bookstore-Who-Shall-Not-be-Named) have decided to try our hand an an offshoot meeting focussed on graphic novels, called Coffee and Comics (sounds like a black and white Indy movie, sequel to Coffee and Cigarettes perhaps, be a big hit at Sundance). The first meeting is due for Tuesday 16th of January from 6 to 7pm in the Biblos cafe-bar on the corner of Southbridge and Chambers Street (close to the Edinburgh FPI). As with the book group (which has done a couple of GNs in its three years) it is open to anyone, old hand or new to the field. The first book is Pride of Baghdad, one of my top picks of the year as it happens and also a very suitable starting point for anyone not overly familiar with comics; meeting details are over on the new Coffee and Comics blog.