Serial killer/blogger?

Tom Stephens, the man arrested by police on suspicion of the murder of five working girls in Ipswich which have horrified people, turned out to have his own MySpace account with his blog on it. Rather creepily the pictures used by online news services including the BBC story all used the photograph of him from his own site. I noticed that the second time I saw the site the number of Friends had gone down and now in the late evening the account is no longer visible, presumably MySpace had realised that the media had pointed out its existence and decided to remove it (or he deleted it himself, but I doubt you can do that while being questioned by police).

Of course I have no idea if this man is guilty or innocent (if he turns out to be innocent he will have a hell of a time since the police and media has plastered his name, address and picture all over the place), but the thought that he might be and that here was his blog is quite creepy. I wonder if he is the first serial murderer suspect to also be a blogger? And I bet if he is guilty the traditional media – wary and scared of new media at the best of time – will discuss the blog as if having one was indeed an indicator of psychological abnormality. All very odd and disquieting, but let’s hope they have caught the right person.