Pinochettio, a fairy tale

Poor Pinochettio, he was just an unknown general in silly glasses until he asked his CIA Fairy Godmother “can you make me a real dictator?” “Of course, Pinochettio, ” replied the kindly CIA Fairy and with the help of his beloved Uncles Richard and Henry Pinochettio grew up to be a real dictator and everything ended happily ever after. And if it didn’t no-one found out because he had them kidnapped, tortured, murdered and then ‘disappeared’. My what a wonderful fairy tale world you have made, thought other South American national leaders, may we join in your Fascist Garden of Dictatorial Delights, Pinochettio? And so Pinochettio had many, many friends to play with, including the woman from over the seas who was made or iron but who never had a heart.

You know, I don’t believe in the Christian view of the afterlife, but at times like this I almost wish there was a Hell and that the old fecker is roasting slowly in it tonight with all his many victims getting a chance to turn the spit’s handle. Ill health was the old mass-murdering bastard’s ticket to avoid trial (a device referred to in European politics as the Berlusconi Gambit) but why not track down and hold accountable the murderous scum who so happily tortured and killed for this old fiend? And while we’re at it, how about getting some of the major members of the US administration of the time who backed him to overthrow a democratic government and replace it with a fascist dictatorship which murdered thousands and set a template for repression across the whole continent? Yeah, that’s about as likely as Bush and Blair ending up in the Hague on trial, isn’t it?

And isn’t is bitterly amusing how many of the old bastard (listen – is that him screaming in Hell right now? I do hope so) were happy to make excuses for the tortures and the disappearances and murders but they can’t forgive him for pilfering money from the state for himself? Murdered thousands – ah, it’s okay, they were probably not real patriots anyway (how the framers of new anti-terror laws in Britain and America must look longingly at his regime and think, yeah, that’s how your protect democracy!). Oh no, you stole money??? How could you??!!??!! Mass murder fine, stealing money, oh no! And the wicked old Witch of the West, Thatcher, is ‘deeply saddened’ – doesn’t that tell you everything you need to know about that dreadful, evil old harridan, that she mourns the death of a fascist dictator who killed thousands. Hope the old iron lady cries and makes herself rust.