Crazy images

Wow, what a start to the week – I woke up with a seriously nasty headache. I rarely get headaches and was worried it might be a migraine on the way (again, I don’t get those often either – my dad does, I don’t get them too much, but when I do they are usually nasty). Fear is confirmed when I switch on the bedroom light (since it is still dark here when I get up now) and it feels like someone stuck two hot wires into my eyes (which goes nicely with the hot spike someone is shoving into my brain).

And then the light show begins, with spirals and crazy fractal patterns and zig-zags; reminds me of a hunter gatherer woman in Stephen Baxter’s Evolution who suffers migraines and becomes convinced these patterns she sees during them, even with her eyes closed, are messages from the ancestors. If these were messages from my ancestral spirits though I must have pissed them off. My eyes are quite sensitive at the best of times (I often use my prescription sunglasses when working on the computer for hours) but this is overload and all I can do is take a handful of painkillers and hide myself in my little boxroom study which has no windows and so can be almost totally dark. Except for the pretty patterns filling my vision regardless, of course, which take hours to pass and leave me feeling pretty wiped out afterwards. Mind you the images are pretty amazing. Just a shame you can still see them in the dark with your eyes closed.