What a load of c**p

Italian prosecutors are talking crap, getting all flushed about an installation at the Bolzano Museum of Modern Art. Now we know those of small, conservative minds are quick to take offence at almost anything; in fact they seem to be almost genetically predisposed to be offended and to demand things be banned. This particular case is comical though, with all the makings of an Italian farce since they are up in arms over a toilet which plays the Italian national anthem when flushed. Apparently this is considered a grave national insult to a nation with a proud and courageous heritage (so why is it insulting to Italy???!!!???!!! Sorry, that was a bad dig…).

Got to love the Italian priorities: government corrupt, media corrupt (and largely run by the man who was in charge of the corrupt government and changes the laws to stop corruption charges against himself), even the football is corrupt and these numpties are worried about a cludgie that plays the national anthem when flushed… Just as well they weren’t trying to flush away the remains of the flag after burning it… Of course, here in Britain such a case would not happen because a toilet seat playing the national anthem would be pointless; you can’t use a loo when you have to stand for the anthem… (assuming you stand for that vile and insulting God Save the Queen nonsense, which I don’t). All of which reminds me of the old rhyme:

There was a young Royal Marine,
Who tried to fart God Save the Queen,
He reached the soprano
And out came the guano
And his britches weren’t fit to be seen.

(the editor of the Woolamaloo Gazette would just like to affirm that his is indeed a deeply patriotic toilet and he often thinks of the Royal Family and members of the government when taking a big poo)