Glass Book of the Dream Eaters

I was approached by Penguin both via the Woolamaloo and the FPI blog about a new Victorian fantasy, The Glass Book of the Dream Eaters by G W Dahlquist. A hardback of the book is due in early 2007, but before that it will be coming in a rather more unusual (for this day and age) style: a serialisation. Aping the old ‘penny dreadfuls’ of the Victorian era when books as diverse as Varney the Vampire (also known as the Feast of Blood) and many a Dickens tale were serialised in weekly or monthly installments, the book will first be available only from Penguin’s special Glass Book site (which is quite lovely and well worth a visit).

5, 000 subscriptions are available (the deadline is 6th October) and subscribers will receive one part each week for ten weeks, complete with tales of daring-do and thrilling cliffhangers. I was lucky enough to be given a set and they are all printed in a faux-Victorian style; it is a quite lovely way to do a limited edition book and as we are just entering the longer, darker nights here it is perfect timing for sitting by the fireside of an evening enjoying a ripping yarn mailed right to your door. There is a competition to win a signed set – subscribers will automatically be entered and if they should win will be refunded, so go and have a look.