John Wagner interiewed

I’ve posted another author interview over on the FPI blogs recently, this time with a writer who is a legend in British comics, John Wagner. John has worked on a score of comics over the years and been behind titles as diverse as the brilliant Bogie Man (mental patient convinced he is Humphrey Bogart running around Glasgow) and the book the Oscar-nominated A History of Violence movie by Cronenberg was based on. One of the foundations of 2000AD comic since the very beginning, John is also the co-creator of Judge Dredd, probably the biggest British comics character ever and one who, over the last (almost) three decades has moved into the public arena as a pop culture icon so much that people who have never read a comic have made references to the stern future lawman when describing certain other figures or actions.

Quite scary to think I’ve been reading John’s work since I was a boy, even before the birth of 2000AD, so I was really delighted he agreed to answer a few questions, just as he and the artist who originally visualised Dredd, Carlos Ezquerra, begin a major new epic which explores the beginnings of Dredd’s world and how the Judge system in the mega-cities came to replace democratic government after the Great Atom Wars. Seems appropriate that as 2000AD reaches it 30th anniversary next year its largest character finally has his history and mythology explored in Judge Dredd: Origins. So, I’m a big, excited fanboy – so what?