V For Vendetta, L for Lloyd

I had a real pleasure this week at work as a great British comics artist and writer, David Lloyd, kindly agreed to an interview, which I just finished editing this afternoon and posted to it to the FPI Blog. David is the artist from a graphic novel which is one of my all-time favourite books, a story which has touched me and inspired me for years and a work I return to again and again and again: V For Vendetta, which he co-created with the bearded god of comics, Alan Moore. David is actually touring in the US to promote his new work Kickback, which he has written and illustrated, but he kindly took time out to answer some questions; Kickback is an excellent tale of corruption and attempted redemption and it’s been offered by Dark Horse at a rather good price for an original graphic novel in hardback (and at FPI we add our usual generous graphic novel discount, plug, plug).

It’s a damned good read – put it this way, I couldn’t wait to try and scrounge a free one from the publisher over in America, so I stumped up and bought my copy myself, so my money’s where my mouth is on this one. Rather than expand on it here why not go over and hear what David has to say about it himself.