Cheeky glider

The Edinburgh Evening News has a great story about a tourist who decided to take a dive off Salisbury Crags at Arthur’s Seat, the extinct volcano which rears up right inside the city, next to the Parliament and Holyrood Palace. He spent a pleasant ten minutes or so paragliding around above the area before spotting Royal Park Rangers following his movements below and so tried to set off and land elsewhere, coming down near the palace, only to be caught by the police. His friend came out with the excuse that the offending paraglider didn’t actually jump, the pair of them had gone to the top of the Crags in full gear to perform ground training when he was caught by a gust. Ahem, yes, highly believable someone would climb up to this great height and lean over the edge of a large drop in full paragliding gear and chute without actually intending to leap off and glide. Presumably a flight of airborne pigs were spotted in the skies around the same time. I’m just annoyed I didn’t get to take a picture of it all!