Drinking bloggers

Yvonne of the excellent Nemeton blog and her other half were in town on holiday so last night the Silvereel and I met up with them and had a lovely chat in Rutherfoard’s Howff, one of the favoured pubs of Robert Louis Stevenson and Arthur Conan Doyle. Not exactly a sparkling location, it has to be said (we had two seperate gadgies approach us to offer to sell us good ranging from shampoo to joints of meat – I shall refrain from casting aspersion on the providence of these goods) and not one I have been in for years, but the booze was cold and the company good. It is one of the things about the digital age, knowing people, sometimes for a long time, but never having actually met them – I know a raft of people all round the world who I keep in touch with online, bloggers, writers, publishers and others, some of whom have become good friends – I’m sure plenty of others have similar online friendships. Still, it is always nice to actually get a chance to meet some of them from time to time and sit down in a real-world pub (if indeed real world this is) and enjoy a drink and a natter.