Reviews list of links

I’ve set up a very basic blog, Joe’s Reviews, which is essentially a list of links to various reviews I’ve posted. I’ve done a lot of reviews over the years, some of which were in print of broadcast media and I no longer have, but I thought perhaps I would list some of the ones available online. I may spruce it up a bit later on, but for now its just a blog with a big list of links to reviews, split up into SF books, Fantasy, Horror, Younger Readers, Non Fiction, Graphic Novels, Movies & DVDs (I hadn’t realised how many movies I had reviewed on the Alien Online) and some other material (mostly interviews).

Some are drawn from the FPI blog and Emerald City, but most are from The Alien Online reviews; there are also some much earlier reviews on my old (first) site The Library of Dreams, which although I can’t access it anymore to change it, is still up there, but due to the basic layout (it was an early site from the 90s) I can’t link directly to each review, so you have to scroll down each page. Also on the reviewing front the third FPI podcast from myself and my two colleagues Paul and Crowbar is now available to stream or take as an MP3.