The Restless Dead

My mate Lin in the States sent me a link to this story which shows that the wandering dead aren’t confined to George Romero’s latest flick and a slew of zombie comics (and there are a lot of those right now, horror comics, especially zombie ones, are quite hot at the moment) but also in the Deep South where Hurrican Katrina has taken some of the deceased on a little trip.

This somewhat ghoulish tale reminds me of a story I read in a book years ago on vampire mythology and burial rituals which talked about a a torrential rain storm (again in the States I think, I can’t recall exactly, perhaps someone recognises it) where the caskets were washed out of the soil and one coffin ended up sliding down the hill along the road, onto the pavement and into the sliding doors of a nearby store. Many stores have signs reading ‘no dogs except for guide dogs’ (and how do blind people read those exactly?) but few have a ‘no coffins’ or ‘no wandering dead’ signs.

Online CV

My good mate Ariel – book reviewer, star editor of the Alien Online, purveyor of fine malts and web designer to many of the UK’s best SF writers – is on the market for new work. He’s created a very snazzy online CV which illustrates not only the normal CV details but the work he has created, like a virtual portfolio, so anyone looking for a damned fine web designer, feel free to have a look.