The Devil You Know

If, like me, you are a fan of the work of Mike Carey – best known to comic and graphic novel readers for his fantastic Lucifer series (which follows the Lightbringer’s life after he quit Hell back in Neil’s Season of Mists chapter of the Sandman) – then you may want to have a look at a piece I posted on the FPI blog the other day. Mike has his first prose novel – The Devil You Know – coming out in April of 2006 from the excellent UK SF publisher Orbit.

The Devil You Know centres around Felix Castor, a down-at-heels gumshoe-like exorcist and sounds excellent (can’t wait to get a proof copy!). If you haven’t read any of Mike’s comics work you should know that another of my favourite writers, Richard Morgan, picked no less than two of Mike’s Lucifer books for his personal top ten graphic novels and is impressed by early glimpses of Devil You Know. My mate George who is now at Orbit kindly got some soundbites from both Mike and his editor Darren (who also edits Ken MacLeod) which you can find on the FPI blog.