After one of the crappest days in a series of crap days at work I’m feeling somewhat better. What can you say about a bookstore that has rules as anal as making sure that all the books line up straight on the shelves and have the promotional stickers in the same place? God almighty, they are books, not bloody tins of baked beans! There’s nothing wrong with having some presentational standards, but this is just ridiculous micro-management by anally retentive senior managers who have no real idea of how to sell books, so they create these tasks instead. I really find it incredibly tiring and depressing and demoralising working under these conditions imposed by morons who know a hundreth as much as I do about selling books. Buggered off after work with a little cloud over my head to the excellent Lost Sock Diner for some food and drink with some chums, which lifted my spirits somewhat.

Then today – my day off – and it is finally time to go and see the Matrix Reloaded. All that waiting, all those expectations – how could it possibly live up to those? But I loved it anyway. A much more complex narrative this time round but still layered with multiple references to other tales and increased religious overtones, more action and greater romance. Plus Carrie-Anne Moss in those wonderfully tight leathers. Difficult to say much about the main scenes because I don’t want to ruin it for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet. I’ve sent a review of sorts to Ariel at the Alien and I know he’s planning one too. Stay tuned for an Animatrix review in a couple of weeks on the mighty Alien.