Meedja hoor

I was off being a wee meedjah hoor this week, recording a short interview for BBC Radio Five Live for a forthcoming programme on blogging. And no, it wasn’t about the events of earlier this year; it was about the growth in blogging, both personal and for business, so I was talking about general blogging, my own blog and my work blog over at the FPI Blog Logs. Saira Kahn is the reporter in the Julian Worricker Show and it’s called the 5 Live Report; I’m told they are going to be doing regular spots on blogging in the show which is nice to see.

Saira has started a blog of her own – she’s new to it and looking for comments and suggestions and to take part in the blogging community, so do drop by her blog and say hi. The show goes out the 2nd of October at 10.30am; BBC radio shows are normally availble for seven days afterwards on the BBC’s site archives to download.