Great story in the Guardian today – apparently Ohio’s state mental health authority is looking for a translator who is fluent in Klingon. Among their patients are some who think Klingon is a ‘real’ language and will only speak the warrior tongue, hence their need for a translator of ‘the galaxy’s fastest growing language.’ Gods but it makes you proud to be a Trekkie 🙂

Unfortunately Alex pointed out to me this afternoon that Boing Boing already ran this story and the fact that it is bogus :-). There may well be some mentally unwell patients – nutters to the layman, also know as Andromeda fans – in Ohio mental facilities who gurgle in Klingon, but a full-time translator is not really required. Shame. Meanwhile, as we are all confused by what is real and what is not, the penguins watch us and laugh.

Boing Boing also have a link to a Java version of the text adventure (like we played in the days when Sinclair Computers roamed the Earth) of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Before those of you too young to recall text adventures sneer, just try it – it was one of the most fiendish games I’ve ever played.