International Blog Action

Regular visitors will know of the recent formation of the Committee to Protect Bloggers, which has been discussed on the Woolamaloo. Well, for those who are unaware, Curt who runs CPB, is calling for an international blogger’s day of action for the 22nd of February and asking bloggers to unite in defence of the freedom of speech by writing on the subject, displaying the button (available from the site -see the one at the bottom of this page) or from refraining from blogging on any other topic for that day. Good luck to Curt and the Committee – some of us get into trouble for what we say, but some bloggers end up threatened or in prison in repressive regimes and that’s something we as a community of bloggers need to be aware of and to make others aware of. The BBC has given them some excellent coverage here – now it’s the turn of we bloggers. Remember the denial of freedom of speech in any land is a threat to all of us.