Celluloid Sexism

An interesting piece in the Edinburgh Evening News explaining how one local cinema banned males from the the first three rows of the auditorium for the opening weekend of Ocean’s Twelve in order to save the space for desparate women who want to be as close to the screen to ogle George and Brad as possible.

One the one hand this is a bit of ridiculous hen-night-style fun for the girls. On the other hand it’s exactly the sort of thing that, were the gender roles reversed, the women would be berating men over. I know from my own time at a female-dominated college (I loved it, of course) that if I casually remarked how cute a girl going past was I was a ‘pig’ according to my female companions, who would then go on to make numerous remarks about the tight arse on the boy coming down the refrectory stairs and what they would like to do it.

That of course, was completely different. Ah, sexual equality, ain’t it wonderful?

Just as well the cinema wasn’t doing this in the US in case they ended up being sued by a group of male cinephiles for sexual discrimination. Or, given George and Brad both have plenty of gay male fans, sued for homophobic discrimination. Seriously though, can you imagine the abuse that would be heaped upon us if there was a similar guys-only set of front rows for a new movie with a large ensemble of cute leading ladies? Come on, girls, admit it – some women can be just as silly as they accuse men of being. But then that’s part of the fun in life.