On the growth of Californians

And another birthday must be marked as our lovely, gloriously naughty Lili (“lili, lili, lili, legs…” – Headley Lamar, Blazing Saddles as he drools over the wonderful Madeline Khan) who has recently turned %* years old. Thanks to a healthy blend of Californian smog and the physical abuse of virile men she, of course, looks much younger.

Lili was born XX years ago in a small saloon-bordello on the Nevada-California border where she won the hearts of many cowboys as she learned to walk in her home-knitted cowboy boots (with spurs) and her first whip. It is from here she took her life-long love of heels and where she is thought to have been inspired to create the world’s first stilleto-heeled cowboy boot in her teens.

A string of high-profile romances with some of California’s most powerful wealthy and celebrated citizens earned her the sobriquet ‘The Californian Concubine’, with the difference being she ran her men as a harem, not the other way around (welcome to the future boys, the sisters may do it for themselves or with you, but only on their rules).

Although now settled down somewhat and restricting herself to one man (taken several times a day and more often at night) this seemingly respectable married mother, business woman, Lakers fan and collector of antique marital aids still releases her dark side on her blog, slipping the civilised mask and letting loose the superheroine Superslutte who fights for Truth, Justice, Sleaze and a damn good orgasm. We wish her many happy birthday orgasms and hope her poor husband has access to a lot of vitamin pills after the birthday promise he made to her.