Naughty books

That got your attention, didn’t it? Dirty minded lot! But I love you anyway. Came (so to speak) across an interesting book today called O: the Intimate History of the Orgasm by Jonathan Margolis. I would have jolly well thought it was an intimate history – most things conerncing this matter usually are. Quickly scanning the book I find my Fascinating Fact for Today, which is that right here in prim and proper 18th century Edinburgh there was, among the number of gentlemen’s Clubbes one specifically for masturbation. Really, I’d have thought a proper gentlemen would have had a servant to do that for him. Well, I always knew there were a lot of wankers here, but I didn’t know they took it so seriously. Lili apparently has a chapter all to herself, although I suspect it will have to be updated now that she has Mr C and all five speeds of her ‘friend’ working. On other naughty book news I realised that even an experience bookseller like myself can no longer tell the difference between teenage girls books and adult ‘chick-lit’ titles without checking the computer. Although on closer inspection the teenage versions are a little more grown-up and mature although littered with drug, profanity and outrageous sexual license references. This may save a generation of girls form growing into limpid Bridget Jones-type readers preferring something meatier, but it may also make them all drug-addled sluts. So, it’s a win-win situation for us single booksellers, really. And I’m thinking Lili and Alexa have all the ingredients between their blogs to make a best-selling teen girls novel.