That’s Rich

Amusing myself this week with Rich Hall’s excellent biography of his redneck ‘uncle’ Otis Lee Crenshaw: I Blame Society (and probably pissing everyone in our staffroom out by laughing my arse off (well it’s one way to a smaller butt – comedy aerobics). His previous collection, Things Snowball helped me deal with the Xmas stress and was passed around several colleagues. The Otis book is also a great de-stressing tool (and I believe Mr. Hall is working on a suppositry version for those with chronic stress). Descriptions of everyday redneck life in Tennessee are delightful – if you like wife-beating to Country music – and his forlorn description of broken love where he confesses he was so lonely he would lick an ashtray because it reminded him of kissing a smoker and so horny he would dry hump a cactus will no doubt ring a bell of sympathy with many lost souls.