Louis, Louis

I’ve just finished reading one of the most delightfully dream-like and enchanting graphic novels I’ve come across in a long time (and I read rather a lot of graphic novels!). Louis: Dreams Never Die is the latest Louis adventure by the excellent folks at Metaphrog (hi, Sandra and John – thanks for the book!). I’ve just submitted my review to Ariel for the mighty Alien and such is the dream-like quality of the tale it is a struggle to do it justice in a short review. Think Sam in Brazil crossed with Charlie Brown via the Yellow Submarine and you’ll start to get the idea. Louis seems very simplistic but it plants little ideas in you subconscious which will keep popping up.

Metaphrog have also created a CD-ROM with a Louis animation and music by hey and múm, which is fitting since their music has inspired them – a truly collaborative process and an added joy to the book. Isn’t it interesting that the large publishers don’t tend to innovate like this? But here we have a Glasgow-based independent using technology to connect to and entertain their readers in a charming way. I really can’t recommend this enough, it is simply wonderful and more people need to read Louis (go on, it will make you feel better). You can see the animation at www.louisandfc.com.