New world, new link

Hurriedly checking my email before heading out for a meal tonight (still waiting for a much overdue purchase from Send It and getting very annoyed) and I spotted a message from Tim Spalding in Maine who has a rather interesting resource site on Hernando Cortes and the conquistadores. I’ll need to have a better look when I have more time on my hands, but it looks like a good resource for anyone interested in this period of history.

Why am I getting an email on the subject when I’m probably better known for my jottings on Scottish history? I wondered for a minute – it’s because of a blog I posted a good while back on one of my favourite TV historians, Michael Wood and his Conquistadors programme and book, which had almost slipped my mind. One of the things I like about cyberspace is illustrated here – the way in which opinions, scribblings, musings and the like ripple out across space to all sorts of people and, because once it’s there it’s pretty much there for a good while, these ideas move also in space. Much like the way in which the Gutenberg press freed ideas and advanced communication centuries back, but with a faster and more interactive nature.