Mapping the body

Among the many random thoughts which crossed my mind this week was how women could use modern technology to improve their sex life. No, I’m not talking about your battery-operated toys – stop giggling in the back there, Lili – but how modern technology could be used to help train their man to give a better performance. One of the principal complaints most (straight) women have is that their partners don’t know how to find the clitoris. Indeed many men are of the opinion that it is a semi-mythical creature, probably from Greek Mythology.

Women have tried telling men where to find it, but often to little effect since men famously Don’t Listen. They could draw a map but of course Women Can’t Read Maps, so presumably cannot draw them either (at least according to those dreadful cheap psychobabble self-help books out there). But there is a modern technological aid to this problem. Ladies, you all know that men love to play with gadgets – indeed this is second to playing with their favourite toy, but we shan’t go into that here. So with Xmas approaching why not consider getting your man a Global Positioning System (GPS) and the GPS co-ordinates for your clit and there you go.