It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

As anyone who normally reads the Woolamaloo knows I generally abhor reality shows. In point of fact I hold shows like Big Brother, Temptation Island and vacant celebrity magazines like Heat to be one of the causes and symptoms of the Decline of Western Civilisation. But I kind of had to watch Mad, Mad House on Sci-Fi tonight. A bunch of contestants attempting to be the one who is left in the titular house and win the money. Except here the house has residents – a vampire, a witch, a ‘modern primitive’ (isn’t that a contradiction in terms?), a naturist, and a voodoo priestess. Still wasn’t convinced as I generally despise this far-too prevalent format, but when the contestants arrive I was more interested. Especially since most of them were a bunch of stupid, God-fearin’, Republican-voting Christians. And I like scaring Christians; it is one of my hobbies. One woman claimed to be a devout Christian, still a virgin and lived in a convent. Of course, this may all be bollocks for the series since most ‘reality’ shows tend to be full of contestants who are full of it. Still, it was fun to see their reactions to the residents since the contestants were all such squares. Naturally, in the spirit of bloodsucking brotherhood, I approve of the vampire (wonderful clothes). And the pervert in me can only hope that the witch, author Fiona Horne, will do what she does so often in the pictures in her witchcraft books and get her kit off. She has a very biteable neck.