I’m indebted to my good mate Linus in Michigan for this link to an article by the great author Kurt Vonnegut called Cold Turkey. The meaning of life, politics, philosophy, war and human abuses (and that’s just Bush’s foreign and domemstic policies). You know you need to read this.

Elsewhere on the same site (Common Dreams) there is an article by Scottish MP George Galloway (probably the most litigious parliamentarian around – helps pay for the big house in sunny Spain and the fancy, expensive foreign car – hey why buy British, right?). Not my favourite person. Actually I think he’s more than a little full of himself and get the feeling a lot of what he does is carefully constructed for the media, but he does say some good things sometimes and has been very outspoken on the war. Here he ridicules – deservedly – those right wing wankers in certain outlets of the Brit media who in turn ridiculed those who marched against the war last year and made fun of them. Now, boohoo, they all say they were ‘hoaxed’ – note they don’t admit they made a mistake nor do they apologise to those of us who spoke against the war. Tony Parsons, we’re talking about you you little talentless Spiv tosser (by the way his novels are even worse than his right-wing journalism). Perhaps this gives the impression I don’t like Parsosn much. That’s not true you know. I bloody despise the wee wanker.