New Who

News on the Beeb’s website that bloody Billie Piper is to be the new Doctor Who assistant. Oh gods, no…. Suddenly my hopes for a glorious new interpretation of a Brit classic for a new generation are sinking fast… What are they playing at?


A few days after shaking hands with a real life astronuat (see excited blog below!) I served Gareth Thomas on Friday – Blake from Blake’s 7 of course. So this week I met a man who sailed into space in an early ship which was little mroe than a flying tin can then a man who ran around a cardboard BBC set of a fictional starship. Cool. Yes, my job is still crap and dreadfully underpaid but occassionally it can be fun. I wonder if I’ll bump into Sylvester McCoy during the Festival again this summer? He was quite friendly – he was in a good mood because Kath, our kid’s buyer had found him exactly what he wanted when he wasn’t too sure of his information. I was loathe to mention the ‘B’ word as I’ve heard he gets pissed off that after decades of acting that show is all anyone ever mentions. However, he was okay with it, saying he doesn’t worry about it now since, when he reflects back on it, it gave him recognition and job security. Nice to meet him.