Isn’t it fun to watch British and US government officials basically trying to tell us there isn’t really much of a problme right now in Iraq while every news channel shows us the US blowing up a mosque with a gunship??? Well, guess if you want to stick you head int eh sand a desert country is the place to do it. Personally I think our government are talking a right load of shi’ite.

I’m sure some of you are confused over the difference between the two sects, the Sunni Muslims and the unfortunately named Shi”ites. Like Catholics and Protestants they both have the same faith but like to bicker, argue and kill each other over the same god on regular occassions all across the world. Apparently one set believes the Prophet wore red socks an the other that he wore blue socks (apologies to Grant and Naylor’s Red Dwarf which I am ripping off somewhat here). Naturally they are all wrong because he wore green socks. With sandals. How anyone can follow a man who wears socks (of any colour) with sandals is beyond me. Or indeed just sandals.

Editor’s note: Joe is just going to leave quickly because he can hear a Fatwa at the front door. He himself wears rather snappy Snoopy Joe Cool socks which makes him a fucking god. Believe in me and drink root beer. He who sleeps on top of the kennel will live forever. Lead us not into the temptation of Garfield and Curse the Red Baron. No-one ever bombed civlians over Peanuts. Not even Jimmy Carter. And he likes peanuts.