Harryheusen’s new creation

No, not a new stop-motion fantastic creature to menace Doug McClure. A new statue of the famous Scottish missionary, anti-slavery campaigner and African explorer David Livingstone being attacked by a lion. Designed by no less than the great Ray Harryhausen (who enriched my childhood immeasurably – the fighting skeletons in Jason and the Argonauts still ranks as one of fantasy film’s greatest moments) and unveiled today in Livingstone’s home town of – no, not Livingstone – Blantyre. His body is here but his heart remained in Africa at his death. Which is funny because I left my heart in San Francisco. And my mate lost hers to a starship trooper. People are very careless with their pulmonary organs you know.


Was a little worried today when I noticed teens at the erotica section. Clearly to young for the rather explicit books in there (not sexual health books, this is the naughty stuff). Then their parents join them and have a look with them, exchanging loud comments about the books. Now I am a pervert of many years standing and several lying down, and support most naughty vices but this was just creepy and yeuchy.