New dog, old tricks?

Finally, months and months of canine withdrawal ended for my mate Gordon as he finally gave in and got a new dog. He’s been volunteering to walk various hounds at the weekend in the oprhaned doggy home and pondering which one he would give in and want to take home. We were heading off for a drive on my day off today and I spotted a four-legged lifeform in the car when he pulled up. Introducing Bruce the greyhound, a very friendly and loveable pooch, but alas he doesn’t do the chasing sticks thing on the beach. He adores sticking his head out of the car window (and tough luck if your head is in the way, you end up with a moist ear as his snout snorts right next to your skull). He also has an endearing habit of sticking his head over your shoulder in the car – he obviously wants to sit up front and see what’s happening, as you can see here as Gordon attempts to drive with a large dog head resting on his arm. Still, given what Bruce is like with an open window I dread to think what happens when Gordon takes him out in his MG with the hood down, heh heh.