Sea of Souls

The first two-part story from BBC Scotland’s new series Sea of Souls with Bill Patterson as the leader of a university parapsychology in Glasgow left me feeling quite under whelmed. It dealt with a woman finding by accident that she had an identical twin sister and basically indulged in ESP between twins and the old doppelganger angle which has been around for centuries. In other words, well-acted but nothing new or exciting.

However, this week’s two-parter dealing with reincarnation was much better. It began seemingly predictably with a young boy who has memories of a past life which ended in mysterious circumstances. However, the second episdode kicked everything up a notch and then took off on much less predictable paths, throwing in a dose of moral ambiguity for good measure. Won’t ruin it for anyone who is still to see it, but the second part made what was till then a rather pedestrian and predictable tale pretty damned good.