B B of C

Just visited this link after spotting it on Alex’s blog. Seems like a damned fine idea to me – personally I think the license fee is worth the money just to keep Murdoch in his evil place, sucking Satan’s Media Cock (he has one for each evil area). You all know I’ve not been averse to criticising the Coprporation from time to time, but while it is far from perfect – what is? – it does produce excellent programming. Not only the predictable costume dramas and comedy but local interest material, music (playing and support of), arts and let’s face it, the best documentaries on the planet. BBC documentaties make even Discovery of National Geographic seem like amateurs. Because of the way they are funded they were the only broadcaster who could afford the years it took to make something like the astonishing Blue Planet series with it’s simply stunning wildlife pictures, or the Attenborough series. And despite whatever right-wing critics have said since the Hutton whitewash, the BBC is still the best news broadcaster in the English-language world (and indeed in the many other languages which the World Service reaches out to). This site allows you to add a support badge to you blog (and give a two fingered salute to the hypocritical, lying bastard Blair).

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