What a boob

The entertainment at the Superbowl this weekend was a little more risqué than expected. Justin Timberlake dancing around Janet Jackson put his hand across her breasts. Unfortunately – or fortunately for the perverts amongst us (hands up now – I said hands, you dirty buggers!) – when he pulled his hand back the cup of her bizarre leather costume came with it, exposing her breast. You could say Justin made a right tit of himself, heh heh.

Such things have happened before – most geeks amongst us will recall Lucy Lawless (she of long-legged, ass-kicking Xena fame) bursting out of her low-cut top on a high-note at a baseball game. The pictures were, predictably, all over the web in hours and I’m sure Ms Lawless, who has a lovely singing voice by the way, has realised a solid law of public singing – always wear a dress with straps.

Of course, since Ms Jackson has a new album due for imminent release some pundits are already speculating that the whole knocker-expose was a carefully choreagraphed PR stunt. I really couldn’t comment either way. I’m just happy to see more breasts on TV. I may be a pervert, but I’m an honest pervert.