Literary equivelants

Passing right over Alex’s joy at the discovery of the wonderful word ‘bathetic’ (came across it more than once in 19th century literature, it’s a great word and I wish him fun using it) I was reading Neil Gaiman’s journal. He was having his photograph taken for a series of authors for the public libraries. Asked what literary character he would like to be here he replied Little Red Riding Hood’s wolf. When asked why he didn’t actually know and has been trying to work it out in writing.

Did make me wonder – what literary character would you like to be or most identify with? Personally I think for me it would have to be Don Quixote, Miguelles de Cervantes’ wonderful tragic-comedic character; both hero and fool, a lover and an isolated figure but overall a dreamer. To this day I can’t go to the Netherlands without losing control and charging the windmills…

Cinema character? Has to be Cyrano de Bergerac. “Duellist, poet, romantic, scientist and philosopher – he was ll of these and he was nothing.”

Cartoon character? I’d love to be Bugs Bunny (my role model as a child) but fear I’m more of a cross between Dafy Duck and Wyle E. Coyote….

Comic Book? I want to be Batman but suspect I have more in common with the Plastic Man. Or maybe Obelix.

Musical equivelant? Would love to think of myself as one of Bach’s cello pieces as played my Yoyo Ma but am probably more Danse Macabre by Camille Saint Saens.

Animal equivelant? Penguin.

So what about you lot? What do you identify with or see yourself as in the following categories:




Comic book: