Caveat II

I would just like to add to Matthew’s recent statement – approach with body armour and chocolate biscuits. Of course, of you’re a British soldier, the body armour may be out of the question. And why should Jeff Hoon resign over this? The same defence minster who pissed off on holiday as the war began and on yet another holiday while Dr Kelly was being buried after the leaking of the lies the government fed us about WMDs spiralled to ridiculous proportions. And as a junior minister commented, this was resignation material as it was a niggling glitch. I’m sure this is a great comfort to the fallen soldier’s widow.

Anyway, if anyone else says I am violent I will cut their head off with a Claymore, scoop out their brains to feed to my cats then go bowling with their skull. Maybe ten-pin, maybe lawn bowls, I haven’t decided yet. Violent? Moi? I rarely hit anyone – bruises heal too quickly; my withering barbs and sarcams last forever :-).