Feed the world

Just got a newsletter from the Hunger Site:

You and other supporters rose to the challenge in 2003 — over 45 million cups of food were funded for the hungry around the world…

Funding generated by clicks on the “Give Free Food” button gave 43,827,602 cups to those in need. And, shopping in The Hunger Site store generated funding for an additional 1,818,600 cups of staple food.

Isn’t that incredible? All the more reason to keep clicking. Once a day every time you log on – a few seconds and you really can make a difference. It staggers me that in the 21st century so many millions still go hungry every night. We can spend billions on dubious wars and foreign adventures but our governments cannot – or will not – bring the same resources and organisation to bear on feeding people. Food pracels are a hell of a lot easier to drop than cluster bombs. They cost less and they soothe troubles, instead of exacerbating them. People who have been given food and clean water by us are going to feel a lot more well disposed to us than people whose country we’ve invaded, whatever the pretext.

That’s not the main reason for doing it though, although it is a good, pragmatic one. The main reason is much, much simpler – it’s the right thing to do.