You’re in the bag, dad!

So Saddam has been collared at long last. Well, I won’t shed any tears over the old bastard, but can’t help but note it took the entire US army eight months to find him in a country they over-ran in days. That doesn’t bode well for their ability to spot terrorist suspects. And there is still that matter of Osama.

However, are we sure it is Saddam? I know the US government insists it took DNA tests before announcing the news to be sure, but we only have their word for it that this is him. And frankly their word is worth about as much as Tony Blair’s, which is to say, worthless, especially given they have lied to us before over this war and they had a pressing political need to find the old bastard.

Besides I looked this this dishevelled, ragged old man dragged from a hole in the ground with his unkempt beard and torn clothing and thought ‘crikey, they’ve got Lord Lucan!’ Seriously, it looks just like the supposed Lucan on the cover of a recent book where the missing nobleman looked like an ageing hippy. This was later revealed to be precisely because it was a picture of an ageing hippy and not Lord Lucan. Having seen Saddam tonight I think we now know where he went. Lucan went missing in the 60s, Saddam came to power in the 60s, both men are involved in murder and both have silly moustaches. Case closed. Well, it makes more sense than most books on Lucan.

Or perhaps he’s really the “it’s” man from the start of Monty Python?

Anyway, just remember Saddam spelled backwards is ‘Maddas’. Need I say erom?

Interesting sidebar – as I scoured Amazon-Waterstone’s online for this book image it of course suggested other titles I may be interested in if I bought a book on Lucan. The book? Robert Harris’s Pompeii. Hmmm. Missing nobleman from 60s swinging Britain and a novel set in classical Rome featuring a cast of thousands and a volcano. Yep, I see the link. They’re both books.