Spreading the good word

Further to my comments – below – on the murals on the side of Saint John’s church on Princes Street, their web master directed me to a page with some of the images when I complimented them on their diaplays- although not the latest one yet, but that’s coming. The rector, John Armes, told me he was pleased to receive postive words on the murals as often he only hears feedback when someone complains about them. Ain’t that always the way? Have to admit it’s somethign I can be guilty of too – quick enough to complain about things that go wrong, service that is poor or activities that offend, but don’t often send nicer communications to thank someone for doing good. I have on occassion, but not as often as I should have. This one if from last Christmas. You remember last Christmas? When Bush and Blair, both self-confessed devout Christians were out and out lying to us to create a context to bomb and kill people?