Different country, same shit

Last week Channel 4 News reported that the London Metropolitan police mis-used the powers given to them under anti-terrorism acts to detain and search peace protestors near an arms convention. They used these powers several times and were captured on camera – although they still tried to deny it – to harass peaceful protestors. So determined are the authorities to protect our beloved democratic way of life they are prepared to run roughshod all over our civil liberties in a blatant manner to do so. They also interfered with the news crew’s attempts to film this, which is another blatant misuse of police powers and a disgraceful disregard for the democratic right to protest and for freedom of the press. All of this despite the fact when these controversial powers were enacted a few years ago many in parliament argued that the police would mis-use them at some point when it suited them. Well, they did and they were caught doing it.

Now a new article in the NY Times shows that the authorities in the US of A (United States of Arrogance) are also using the sweeping powers given to them in the so-called Patriot Act on many forms of potential crime which have nothing to do with terrorism or national security. Can you say ‘police state’ boys and girls. Meanwhile Blunkett plans ID cards with databases which many government departments can access about us without judicial oversight. Those in power need to be reminded of the people’s voice from time to time, before they get too arrogant after too long in power. Blair should examine his history – I seem to recall that in these islands we once cut the head off a king for daring to use too many powers on those he served.