Local Lad Done Good

Charlie Stross, one of our local gang of the Lothian SF Mafiosi (along with Ken MacLeod and Iain Banks) came in to sign the first of his full length novels. Not printed in the UK yet so we had to import The Singularity Sky from the US. I was lucky enough to get to read an earlier draft of the book while it was still titled Festival of Fools earlier this year and can say it is a highly enjoyable novel. Thoughtful SF for grown ups, mixing technological evolution and politics. Apparently Forbidden Planet in London had some but sold out already, which considering there isn’t any marketing in this country (as it hasn’t been released) is pretty damned good. Charlie has a slew of new material due for publication in the next year or so, so you’re going to be hearing more of him.

Now all I need to do is lock Alex into a room until he writes a review of it for the Alien.