Bloody blogger

Some of you may have noticed that I hadn’t posted for an entire week then suddenly two posts with old dates crop up. Blame bloody blogger. Ever since the new version came in there have been problems (and not just for me judging by some of the forums I had to search for help since Blogger now makes it very hard to get in touch directly for problems, not very user friendly) and this isn’t the first time the admin side says my post has gone up but nothing appears on the live site. In this case it took exactly a week for material I wrote last Friday to turn up and I’m not happy about that. I’ve been talking to a good friend about what would be involved in moving to a full Word Press set-up like I use on the FPI blog but keeping my domain, which I can’t do with the free, basic version of WP. But if blogger is going to continue to be so unreliable and to make it so hard to get in touch with their help folks when it is going tits-up then I am going to have to think about changing one way or the other.