Blue Peter

What is the world coming to when you can’t even trust Blue Peter to play straight and true with viewers? With the other recent scandals over TV premium rate phone-in shows I’ve mostly been of the opinion that, yeah, TV companies are blatantly ripping off viewers, but anyone stupid enough to keep calling at those rates frankly is a fecking idiot and deserves to be ripped off. But Blue Peter? Okay, they weren’t making tons of money from a premium rate number, but they did lie to millions of kids. They have now apologised for an ‘error of judgement’ but I think the fact they kept quiet about this since November until a member of the public exposed it means an apology is pretty weak and rather insincere – only apologising after not only lying to kids but keeping your mouth shut about it like it never happened for months until you are caught out is something else again and an apology doesn’t cut it. I think the only way Blue Peter can make it up to a traumatised nation is to have presenter Konnie Huq in the tiniest bikini in the world doing an episode on jello-wrestling.