Nothing like throwing your back out a bit to remind you just how important spinal columns are. Personally I blame the crap work stations at the bookstore, all of which are at the wrong hieght for prologned use. Fine on Saturday, couple of hours of standing at a work station which has the computer to high up to use properly and my back muscles start spasming. Keyboard at the wrong height for use, spotlights in the ceiling right up above the till so they glare off the monitor and strain you eyes. Oh yeah, nice design. Our pervious owners, W H Smith, once sent an inspector out when a former colleague claimed these designs gave her RSI in her wrists. Their own inspector damned all the work points as accidents waiting to happen. Years later they are still the same. Guess it is cheaper to be sued one in a while than to fix the desks in every Waterstone’s in the country. If I thought I could prove it successfully I’d sue the fuckers.