Virtual Downing Street

You can take a virtual tour of the Prime Minister’s official residence, 10 Downing Street on a new government site. Mind you when I was a very young boy you could actually go right up to the famous door and have your photo taken with the copper on duty there (please, no age jokes today about how that was when Gladstone was in office, thank you) – today you can’t even enter the street and protesters are arrested in the adjacent streets for simply reading out the list of war dead in Iraq without having permission from the Metropolitan plod (since when did the fuzz get to say yay or nay to what a citizen can say in a public space?). So this virtual tour is probably the closest most of us will get to Ten Downing Street these days, unless we have paid a million to a political party to get a peerage (allegedly). I wonder if the tour shows the office where Blair stockpiles the lies he feeds to the British people over Iraq? Or is that now so large he has to keep it in a government warehouse down by the dockside?