Incompetent Parcelforce

Exactly a week to the day since I phoned them Parcelforce have actually replied to me about my missing package, the one their incompetent/lazy (or both) delivery person abandoned outside my home and which subsequently vanished. The one I phoned about on Thursday and they were supposed to phone me back about on Friday after speaking to the driver but never bothered to do. I called repeatedly on Friday but couldn’t get through so emailed them instead and finally got a reply today, which did offer apologies but unfortunately had bugger all information in it except to say it would be forwarded on to the depot manager for ‘training purposes’. I’d think if you have to train delivery drivers not to abandon their packages outside then your company needs more than just some training. The email didn’t say a single thing about why it happened, what action they would take concerning the delivery numpty or what options are open to me (am I just supposed to shrug my shoulders and forget about it?). Neither did it tell me who sent the package to me or what the contents were described as on the shipping invoice, which is pretty much the least the incompetent eejits could do – after all, someone has sent me something in time for Christmas and is probably wondering why I haven’t been in touch to say thank you.

So if you are sending any packages folks, it looks like it might be best to avoid using the Royal Mail’s Parcelforce service – no wonder the Royal Mail struggles to make a profit even with such a commanding position in the UK when it offers such dire service from incompetent delivery staff and customer care staff take a week to reply to complaints they promised to reply to a day later and then fail to to offer any actual information when they do reply (at least they did say sorry, I suppose, but that’s all – come on, folks, you are on a customer care team you should know the complainee will want some information for goodness sake). What a pathetic way to run a company – screw up someone’s delivery (the sole reason for your company being to deliver packages) then not do much of anything by way of following up their complaint by actually offering information or advice.