Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween and a jolly Sahmain to you all. The clocks have been turned back for winter , the long dark nights have fallen and a chill, northern wind stirs through the bare branches and rustles the fallen leaves. What is that at your window pane? The scratching of tree limbs moving in the night breeze like the fingers of a skeleton? The cat with glowing eyes wanting to re-enter the sanctity of the home? Or something else wishing to leave the chill of winter’s dark night for the warmth and light of your home… or your body… or your soul… Don’t worry, my friends, it’s just me. Don’t mind my big eyes, the better to see you with. Don’t mind my big fingers, the better to blog you with. Don’t mind those big, sharp virtual teeth I’m licking my tongue across, all the better to sink into your soft, tasty virtual presence with…. Happy Halloween!

In Halloween news the BBC reports that the same cinema in England had to call out the ambulance service three times in one evening for scaredy cats fainting at Saw III. Honestly, you’d think some people had never seen dismemberment before… Assuming, of course, that the reports are genuine and not some covert publicity stunt for the movie (if so they have annoyed the ambulance services who have other, more important tasks on a busy Friday than attending to a bunch of jessies). Still, for a Halloween treat why not pay a visit to the site of Flying Monkey Comics, one of the British small comics presses I deal with at FPI (where you can get their Hope for the Future graphic novels); Simon from Flying Monkey sent me this link today of a great little animated zombie musical specially for the season.